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January 3, 2012
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It was pouring rain outside of Monogram's house.
"Still no sign of him, Perry. I'm sorry." Monogram hung up the phone. "I have all our agents on alert. Our surveyor agents are checking the areas you saw him last, and the rest are keeping an eye out."
Perry nodded.
"It'll be fine." Monogram said, putting his arm around Perry.
Perry flinched. Monogram didn't touch him very often, unless he needed to help him up somewhere.
"I know how you feel." Monogram said. "It's hard. But it will be easier on you if you don't worry so much. I promise you we will find him."
Perry turned away from him. Monogram did NOT know how he felt. Perry wasn't worried, he was scared out of his mind. Ferb was all alone somewhere, and Perry had no idea where that was, or if Ferb was okay.
It made him feel so helpless.
"Why don't I make you some popcorn?" Monogram asked. He stood up and went over to the kitchen cupboards.
"Sure. Ferb's lost, and you make popcorn." Perry muttered.
"It does sound good, doesn't it?" Monogram always invented his own translations for animal noises. He stuck a bag of popcorn in the microwave and pressed start.
Popping noises came from the bag almost instantly.
Phineas emerged from the guest room. He was balancing himself on one leg.
"Can you turn the noise down? I have a headache." He said.
"Popcorn's a noisy food." Monogram said. "Would you like some?"
Phineas shook his head. "Did you find my brother?"
"Not yet." Monogram turned to Perry and signaled him.
Perry got down into pet form. If that was all he had to do to keep his boys with him, he'd do it gladly.
He hoped he'd have both of his boys soon.
"I've never been away from him before." Phineas said. "Except once, when we had this fight. Other than that, we've been together practically our whole lives." Phineas stared at Monogram. "Say, aren't you Perry's vet?"
"Nice touch." Perry chattered.
"Well, yes. It's lucky I found you, isn't it?"
"Very lucky." Phineas limped over to the couch and sat down next to Perry. "Hey, Perry. How've you been, boy?"
"How's your knee?" Perry asked.
"My knee still hurts." Phineas said.
"That's to be expected." Monogram said, handing Phineas a bowl of popcorn. "You did fracture it, after all. What happened, by the way?"
"It's all kind of fuzzy, but I think I fell down some stairs." Phineas said.
Monogram sucked in his breath. "Ow. Well, it's a good thing we found you."
Perry smiled. It was funny to watch Monogram and Phineas lie to each other.
"Are you going to eat that?" Monogram asked.
Phineas shook his head. "My stomach still feels funny."
"I'll be right back, then. I have some emails I need to send. Will you be okay?"
"I'll be good."
Monogram smiled. He left the room.
"I could kill Dennis." Perry said. "I could seriously strangle him right now."
"That's how I felt when he threatened you." Phineas said. "That's why I went after him."
"And he went and hurt you. I could kill him."
Phineas looked at him. "Do you have to go through this drama every day?"
"Not every day."
"But you fight every day."
"Except on rare occasions, yes. But that's not really drama for me."
Phineas didn't say anything. He swirled the popcorn around the bowl with his hand.
"What's bothering you?"
"I don't want you to fight. You could get hurt."
"I manage fine."
"Who knows? If I hadn't gone after Dennis, you could have been the one with the black eye and the broken knee."
"Better me than you. I can take care of myself, Phinny. Don't worry."
Phineas kind of smiled.
Perry looked at his phone and pressed a button.
"No messages." Said the phone.
"Does he know your number?" Phineas asked.
"He put me in his contacts." Perry sighed. "I hate to think of him all alone out there."
"Ferb's pretty resourceful." Phineas said. "Maybe he's building a tent or something. And finding berries."
"If he's even in Danville Forest. If only he had a microchip. Then we could find him."
"You can't find out where someone is by a microchip. You can only find out where they live or who they are."
"Mine has a tracking device built into it."
"Really? Man, all those times when Ferb and I wondered where you were, when we could have just tracked you!"
Perry smiled. "Most of the time, I was only a couple of miles away."
A little girl came downstairs, holding a clown toy. "Who are you?"
"I'm Phineas."
"Oh." The girl squeezed the clown's belly.
"I care so much about you!" Said Carlos.
Perry growled.
"My daddy works with animals." The girl said. "And he bought me this. I left my old one in a big room by mistake."
"The broadcasting room in the agency." Perry grumbled. "It makes announcements every so often."
"Come on, Carlos the caring clown! Let's go play in my room!" The girl squeezed him again as she ran up the stairs.
"Caring and sharing are as fun as a sunny day!" Said Carlos.
"Must… resist… urge… to… destroy…" Perry clawed at the couch instead.
"I guess it is slightly annoying." Phineas said.
Perry curled up next to Phineas and listened to the rain. Usually rain calmed him, but it just reminded him of Ferb.
He hoped Ferb wasn't freezing up in the rain.
"Good news!" Monogram said, reentering the room. "One of the animal agents found Ferb! She's leading him back here as we speak."
Perry breathed a sigh of relief.
"Animal agents?" Phineas asked blankly.
"Um… er… I mean… my trained ferret… weasel thing. Found Ferb. And is leading him here."
"Oh cool!" Phineas said. "Is he okay?"
"Well, I suppose he's well enough to walk. My ferret wouldn't be able to lift him. I don't know of any animal that could lift a human, as a matter of fact."
There was a knock on the door. Monogram opened it, and Ferret ran through.
"Good girl, Fluffy." Monogram said.
"Fluffy? Seriously?" Ferret squeaked. She sat down near the couch and shook the water off of her fur.
Ferb came through a second later, dripping wet, but otherwise unharmed. He was holding a raygun in his hands.
"He got it." Phineas breathed.
"What?" Monogram asked.
"I mean, he got here safely." Phineas said quickly.
"Where did you find that?" Monogram asked Ferb.
Ferb handed it to him. "Somewhere in the woods."
"I got that away from Dennis a few days ago." Ferret told Perry. "Then, he comes to my house begging for me to let him in. He says someone's chasing him. I looked behind him, and there was that kid. They got into a tussle, and the kid got the raygun. Then I chased him off."
"I'll get you a towel." Monogram said. He went into the bathroom.
Ferb shut the door. Phineas limped over to him and hugged him. "I thought I'd never see you again!"
"I was going after Dennis." Ferb whispered. "I thought I told you that."
"You didn't."
"I called." Perry said.
Ferb nodded. "I was chasing Dennis. I couldn't pick up. I didn't want to lose him."
"And now you have the raygun back!" Phineas said.
"Who cares about the raygun? I have Ferb back." Perry padded over to him and cuddled up against his leg.

Linda had not stopped asking questions since the moment Phineas and Ferb came through the front door. Phineas stuck to his story about falling down a flight of stairs, and that Ferb had gone looking for help all night. Perry's vet had found Phineas and nursed him back to health, and eventually found Ferb as well.
After about an hour, Linda finally left the boys alone. Ferb sat down under the tree in the backyard. Phineas sat next to him in a lawn chair, keeping his leg elevated on a footstool.
Perry dug around in the dirt with his bill. When he couldn't find any worms, he simply rolled over and covered his back in dirt.
A corn dog flew through the air and landed on Ferb's head.
"Stupid neighbors." Phineas muttered. "Yo! Mr. Weaver! Your kids are throwing corn dogs into our yard again!"

"I can't believe Ferb got the raygun away from Dennis." Darren said.
"I know." Perry said. "He's impressive. And now the ray is out of Dennis' hands. He won't be able to shoot any more rogues with it."
"I can't believe he'd shoot his daughter. Even though it's safe… I mean, just to make her stronger…"
"She's not really his daughter. He 'adopted' her." Perry said.
The loudspeaker in the O.W.C.A came on. Perry and Darren snapped to attention.
"When you tell your friends that you care about them, it shows you care!" Carlos the caring clown announced.
"And you wonder why I hardly ever come into the O.W.C.A anymore." Perry growled.
"At least Monogram didn't get his daughter Ferdinand the friendly fish." Darren said. "Baby Elle got one last week. It's been driving me up a wall."
"Did you call me?" Asked Ferdinand the frog as he hopped past.
"Nope. Sorry." Darren waved him along and turned back to Perry.
Carl and Monogram walked by. "Sir, don't you think we should take that toy out of the announcement room?" Carl asked.
"I think it's good for the animals. They need a few positive messages."
"Oh no we DON'T!" Perry chattered.
"Fun and friendship!" Carlos said.
Perry pulled his grappling gun out of his fur pocket. "Want to come with me, Darren?"
"Come where?"
"To destroy a clown that seriously needs some destroying."
The end! Stay tuned for the next story, Rivalry!

WOOP WOOP! Hundreth story part submitted! :iconlawooplz:

Oh Carlos. :no: And those peskeh neighbors... XD What will they do next?
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Yay! I think "Rememberance" is the first story that I read. Then I realized that I should go back and start at the beginning... after I found out where the beginning was. "Lost Identity". There's still some gaps between "Redone" and the next story that are only found in "Lost Identity". Are you going to fill those in?

I think I found these because I came across that one picture by :iconkicsterash: with Monogram, Perry, and Phineas.
Yes :0)

Yeah, most people found my stories because of that and then were like "What's going on?" and I was like obviously this isn't the first story in my series ^^'
This is my favorite story. :)
Clippio Aug 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What ever happened to Perrys injured leg
Recovered :03 Unless you're asking what happened to it?
Clippio Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooh, okie! :3 I'm gonna go make some pancakies now! X3
Ferbington Jul 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I just barely finished reading this story, and I loved every bit of it! :heart:

Few ?s though:

How is Perry speaking English?! :XD:
and, who's Darren, and what animal is he?

Just curious. Great story! LOVEITLOVEITLOVEIT!!!
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