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July 5, 2012
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Maude was fine, suffering nothing more than a few bruises and a broken nose. Since the medical wing was being repaired, (an attack by a rogue agent named Percy had been to blame for that, luckily his memory had been wiped and he had been placed in a zoo) Maude had to stay on a makeshift bed in the O.W.C.A art gallery.
Which meant all the art had to come out, in order to make room.
Maude glared at Princess as she took down all of her paintings and designs.
"Those are beautiful." Harry the husky puppy commented. He had some art to take as well.
"Nah." Princess shook her head. "They're terrible. The kind of art only a nutjob would like."
"Well, I don't like your flower paintings. Flowers are boring. But I like the skateboards and explosion pictures you made."
Maude fumed. She was notorious for her flower paintings.
"And this clay pizza is cool." Harry said.
"It looks like a rock." Princess objected.
"I'm gonna go chew on things." Harry said. "See you later."
He left.
"I'm not gonna lose my reputation to a six-month old." Maude snapped.
"It's a little late to make that resolution, honey." Princess replied.
Maude scowled. "I WILL get back at you, Princess. I'll make you pay for my nose and worse."

"Why would someone fill an abandoned factory with FIREWORKS?" Perry asked. "Why not DYNAMITE?"
"Because dynamite isn't as pretty when it explodes." Phineas said.
"They both make fire." Ferb said. "I don't see the prettiness difference."
"It doesn't make sense." Perry said. "If they did ignite those fireworks, it would only explode two places: The abandoned factory, and the abandoned junkyard. Places no one cares about. Why would you explode two useless places? You'd get arrested for nothing."
"Maybe we should check it out." Phineas said.
"I. You two are not going anywhere."
Phineas frowned, and Ferb made puppy eyes.
"Fine," Perry sighed. "WE."

The bottom floor of the abandoned factory was nearly empty, and the stairs that led to the second floor had been boarded up.
"Well." Ferb said.
"This is boring." Phineas said. He bent down and picked up a rock. "Hm, sedimentary."
"Looks like someone has been here recently." Perry said. "There's a can of spray paint in the corner there, and it looks new."
"What color is it?" Phineas picked it up. "Neon green." He shook the can and sprayed his newly found rock.
"Don't get any on the walls or the floors. That's vandalism." Perry warned.
"I'm just spraying the rock." Phineas insisted.
Perry climbed the stairs to the boarded-up area and knocked on it. Hearing a hollow noise, he placed a melting device on the wood.
It burned a small hole. Perry climbed through. Phineas and Ferb followed him.
"So that's where the fireworks are." Ferb said.
Powerful fireworks took up the whole room. There were more stairs, which Perry assumed led to more floors and more fireworks.
"Look, someone vandalized." Phineas pointed at the wall. SILENCERS was sprayed across it in green and blue.
Perry froze.
"What?" Phineas asked.
"I… know that gang sign." Perry said slowly. "An animal gang. Former O.W.C.A agents."
"Rogues?" Ferb asked.
"No. No. They had no beef with the agency. Only with rival gangs." He turned to the fireworks and took a shaky breath. "So, you guys still wanna help me move all four-hundred tons?"
"Why were they called Silencers?" Phineas asked. "Or did they just write that?"
"They 'silenced' their enemies. That gang's bad news. Bad guys. Bad, bad, bad. Now. Fireworks. Need to be moved. Think."
"Perhaps we could load them on to a giant crane." Ferb said.
"And put them where?" Phineas asked.
"We could hold a giant fireworks show in the backyard."
Phineas brightened. "Yeah!"
"With illegal fireworks?" Perry inquired.
"Oh." Phineas said. "Never mind, then."
"Some of these are safe." Perry said, holding up a small fireworks tube. "The rest, not so much."
"So why do the Silencers want to blow up the old abandoned factory and the old abandoned junkyard?" Phineas asked.
"And why not the old abandoned Old Abandoned amusement park?" Ferb added.
"I don't know." Perry said. He handed the harmless firework tube to Ferb. "It's hard to understand gang logic. Maybe they just do it to show off how powerful they are."
"That's stupid." Phineas said. "Wasting all their money on dominance."
"Who says they paid for all these?" Perry asked.
They were silent.
"Let's go." Perry finally said.
"What about the fireworks?"
"I'll notify Monogram about them."
They climbed back through the hole and left the factory. Phineas pocketed his rock.

"Where were you, boys?" Linda asked when they came in.
"Out." Phineas said.
"All right. Don't forget to put down a clean water bowl for Perry."
"We won't." Phineas said.
A loud banging noise sounded in the distance, followed by several popping and snapping sounds.
Everyone froze.
"Guess it's a good thing we got out of there when we did." Perry said softly.
Linda switched on the TV and changed the channel to the news.
"BREAKING NEWS!" The incredibly handsome anchorman said. "Some crazy guy has just exploded Danville Abandoned Factory with fireworks, also destroying the Danville Abandoned Junkyard in the process! Many animals were seen fleeing the junkyard just before the explosion. The suspected arsonist, a small creature yet to be identified, escaped from the factory just seconds before the blast. And onto other news, Kendrine Adems is getting married to Lester Clownington, who provided the voice for the world-famous children's toy, Carlos the Caring Clown!"
Perry growled.
"He was like, 'Do you wanna get married'?" Kendrine Adems was saying. "And I was like, 'Oh yeah, uh huh!' and he was like 'Oh my gosh' and then I was like totally like, inspired for my new single. It's called 'Oh My Gosh'."
Perry stepped on the remote. The TV turned off.
"Goodness, that's frightening." Linda said.
"Kendrine marrying Carlos, or the exploding building?" Perry asked.

Perry's phone rang in the middle of the night, waking Phineas. He looked down at Perry, who was snoozing peacefully, one paw over his teddy bear.
The phone continued to ring.
Phineas picked it up. "Hello?"
A ferocious barking was all he could hear on the other end.
"Um… Do you speak English? This is Phineas."
Three sharp barks.
"I guess that's a no. Um… Perry's asleep right now."
The barking became loud and frantic.
Phineas gently shook Perry. "Okay, I'm getting him. I think that's what you're saying, anyway."

Perry drowsily rolled over so Phineas could rub his belly. He liked waking up to petting.
"Perry? Some dog's on the phone."
"What phone?" Perry murmured.
Perry jolted into consciousness and grabbed the phone from Phineas. "Yeah?"
"Hey, Perry! Um, this is Devon… I was working late at the agency when these police started banging on the door… and so I got out through one of the exits, which was stupid, I was safe in there… but I locked myself out and THEY'RE COMING FOR ME!"
"I don't know! I did nothing wrong!"
"Okay. Don't panic. Which exit are you at?"
"Exit 5642."
"Okay. Be right there." Perry stuck his phone in his fur pocket and climbed out the window.
"Where are you going?" Phineas asked.
"Down to the agency. I'll be back." Perry slid down the tree and jumped into an entrance.
He landed in his chair and fiddled with the mechanics on his desk. It was kind of creepy with all of the lights out.
Perry pulled his phone out. "Dev, you still there?"
"Okay. A lift should be coming up to you now."
"Wait. Wait." Devon said. "I can hear them talking. They aren't looking for me."
"Well, that's good…"
"Get out!" Devon suddenly said.
"Get out! Run! You're who they were looking for here!"
"What?" Perry gasped. "Why?"
"The arsonist this morning was a platypus- they found the entrance, get out, Perry, GET OUT!"
Perry didn't need to be told twice. He slipped his phone in his fur pocket and ran down the halls to the back exit.
He burst through the doors and ran into a random direction. Monogram had always told him not to go anywhere obvious if he was being pursued.
Perry turned down an alley and jumped over a chain-link fence. He was in a neighborhood of old houses.
He banged on the fourth door he saw.
"Who is it?" Called a voice.
Perry nearly fell over. He knew that voice. He steadied himself on the porch and knocked rapidly on the door. "Let me in! Please!"
"Perry? What are you doing out after-"
"Shut up and let me IN, Ernest! Please!"
The door opened, and Perry scrambled in, slamming the door behind him. He fell to the floor, panting, and looked up at Ernest.
Ernest was wearing a huge gray t-shirt that said MY FRIEND WENT TO THE BELUGA WHALE CONVENTION AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS SHIRT.
"Day off?" Perry asked.
"Yes. If I had known you were going to come by, I would have paid more attention to what I put on."
"Sorry. Let me explain…"
"I saw it all on the news." Ernest said. "You were framed. The suspect happened to be your same species, size and weight."
Perry nodded. "I don't know what I'm gonna do. I've never gotten into trouble like this before."
Ernest frowned. "You'll have to stay somewhere where they won't come looking for you."
"Like where?"
"Like here." Ernest started toward the back of the house. "Come on, I'll set you up a bed on the couch."
Stay tuned for part three!
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AgentBengalTiger Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I want to see Ernest like this again.
Strudel--Cutie4427 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012   Writer
Wow, he's a whole lot nicer when he's not on duty... Maybe his head was put on wrong or something?
wakkowarnerlover Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012
Oh noes! And his head came off!
Strudel--Cutie4427 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012   Writer
OMDG! I SAW HIM ON TV LIKE AT LEAST THREE TIMES! Once on Family guy (at the end of the ep the republican dude turned into an eagle and flittered into the sky) a second time on the Simpson's movie (Where Homer and Marge are about to make love - the bird calls a buncha birds and one is an eagle. Watch that scene and he really does have a constant annoyed expression on his face, even when he's discusted XD) and the third time on X-Men Evolution (Mystique turned into an eagle when she fell off a cliff) Every time I expected his head to flitter off XD
wakkowarnerlover Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
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OMG Ernest is actually being nice to Perry? and Perry's not his boss anymore!
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